Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dahlah boros, banyak ketirisan dari projek gagal

Kerajaan DAP Penang boros
Antara sebab adalah ketirisan akibat kegagalan banyak projek dan rasuah berleluasa.

Among the "successful" projects that the DAP Penang Govt has launched to accelerate the economic development of Penang.

After 8 months or launching a water park to promote tourism in Penang, the water park bungkus.

After one year of launching a project for a golf-resort project to increase tourism and promote economic growth, the project was cancelled as land was not big enough for a golf course.

After 6 years of awarding a project to help develop Penang into a medical tourism hub, the Taman Manggis land is still empty land.

Finally completed the kancil car park in 2015 after 7 years of construction and at 3 times over-budget. KLIA2 which started construction later, was completed before the kancil car park was completed.

Signed to build the Penang Tunnel project in 2013 but 3 years later, the expensive RM305 million reports are still not complete.

Meanwhile, Xiamen University Malaysia campus project which was signed at the same time was already completed and started admitting students early this year.

Such a competent Tokong and DAP Penang State Govt.

No wonder Penang economic growth is either lowest among all 15 states (according to Gerakan) or 3rd lowest (according to Penang Institute) for the years 2008 to 2015.

Meanwhile, PM Najib has just brought RM144 billion in investments and projects back from China.

The only thing that DAP had wanted to bring back from overseas was Chin Peng's ashes.  And even this, they had also failed to do so.


Water park:

Golf resort:

Kancil Car Park:

Penang tunnel and Xiamen:


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