Thursday, 31 March 2016

Alasan 16: DAP cuba berhelah tiada asas untuk penal code 165

Jangan temberanglah ... beli bawah pasaran:

What the *&%*%!!!!!!!

Now he says he knows the value of his bungalow - but that it is exactly RM4.27 million (as per the JPPH valuation) and not RM6.5 million.

This is because LGE is now forced to admit since documents of his LHDN stamp duties forms were leaked

BtW, those who know real-estate know that JPPH valuation is normally much lower than actual market value.

So, now Tokong says he knows - even though Ng Wei Aik says he is accountant and not valuer and he himself says he is Chief Minister and not property agent.

And for one week, he himself has said he didn't know and even the seller didn't know.

Suddenly he know says he knows!

And even more incredibly, he claims that BN lied to say he doesn't know!!!

Are you trying confuse us or are you confusing yourself?

And does this also mean that this is an admission that as a Civil servant, you have KNOWINGLY bought property at much below market value hence breaking Section 165 of the Penal Code for corruption?
Tambah lagi:
Tang Yong Chew, the 70% controlling shareholder (him and his taiwan wife) of KLIDC is the boss of Phang Li Koon - not just business partners. 
All 3 companies that Tang and Phang are sole shareholders of show that Tang has large majority shareholdings (80-20 and 70-30).

It would also mean that Tang is Chairman whereas Phang could be MD or at least executive director.

Does Chairman report to MD or ED or do MD/ED report to Chairman?

Tambah lagi: 
Phang Li Koon cuba berhelah konon dia bukan shareholder KLIDC.
Tak masuk akal dia tidak tahu nilai terkini. Sesiapa saja tuan punya tanah mahu harga terbaik. Ini bermakna Phang Li Koon hanya proksi kepada boss nya. 

Baca penal code 165 berikut:
Whoever, being a public servant accepts or obtains, or agrees to accept or attempts to obtain, for himself or for any other person, any valuable thing, without consideration, or for a consideration which he knows to be inadequate, from any person whom he knows to have been, or to be, or to be likely to be concerned in any proceeding or business transacted, or about to be transacted, by such public servant, or having any connection with the official functions of himself or of any public servant to whom he is subordinate, or from any person whom he knows to be interested in or related to the person so concerned, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.
Cuba baca tulisan Khir Toyo dari dalam penjara di

Tetap salah:

Terpulang kepada cina-cina DAP ini. Mereka ingat mereka pandai sangat.

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