Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Alasan 30: Diversion Zakir Naik tak boleh elak persoalan 5

Menurut Lim Sian See, Guan Eng perlu jawab 5 persoalan. Jika gagal dalam jawapannya, maka he is screwed!

Berikut 5 persoalan si amoi Lim Sian See:

Since all those that matter are coming out with 15 questions each, I did not want to feel left out and decided to join us.

However, ss I am not a menteri and just a blogger, which a certain Chief Minister that demands respect calls as "pihak bukan-bukan", I was unable to come out with 15 questions like what Chief Ministers and Federal Housing Ministers can do.

The best I can do is just 5 questions and here they are:

1. Are you a public servant, the EXCO in charge of land matters and the Chairman of the powerful State Planning Conditions?

2. Did you buy in your own name, a bungalow which you know is millions of ringgit below the official JPPH valuation and the market value?

3. Did the state government transact a deal with a private company where the land use conditions were significantly improved for the benefit of the company after the tender was awarded - for example, changing the land use conditions from 0% commercial to 70% commercial, and later to 33% commercial and was the State Govt lenient to the private company and did not cancel the project after almost 6 years even though the privatization agreement clearly says the project would have been cancelled if not completed within 3 years?

 4. Did you buy your bungalow from a person who has a employee-employer/business partner for over 20 years relationship and was put in charge of the Penang business by the owner of the said private company in question 3?

5. Did you know that if you answered "Yes" to all of the four questions above, you are kind of screwed already?

Nampaknya diversion Zakir Naik akan gagal ...Menurut ABITW:
It's a Keling problem!

Another thing we cannot understand is why these Kelings have to bring their conflict at Tanah Besar Keling to this country?

And to the point of doing a wayang Tamil. May have offended a Mamak this morning when we said this a wee bit to frank. Allow us to explain our point. 

We have been living in peace and harmony with great tolerance for various races and religion. By right, Malaysian Muslims should stop bringing such preachers from India and Indonesia but instead be preaching to these countries how to live in peace and harmony.

In this respect, Sabahans and Sarawakians should be preaching about living in peace and harmony to Semananjung. Endless adversarial and slandering politics. 

Please appreciate the fact that Zakir Naik comes from a country with long history of clashes between different faiths and races. His combative style of debate is the wrong orientation for Malaysia.

Off course, we expect to get criticised from fellow Muslims for saying so.

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