Friday, 22 April 2016

Insya Allah ada jalan keluar isu dengan IPIC

Kata Arul ada banyak lagi cerita. There is more than meet the eyes. Berikut temuramah dengan Bloomberg TV:

Namun tiada default atau bailout. Tempuh sudah diberi. Insya Allah ada jalan keluar.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 | MYT 3:44 PM

1MDB ready to cooperate with any foreign authority regarding investigation

KUALA LUMPUR: 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) reaffirmed its readiness to cooperate with foreign authorities to assist with any investigation involving the company.

However, at the moment, the company has not been contacted by any foreign authority regarding the investigations, said President and Group Executive Director Arul Kanda Kandasamy.

"We have very clearly and openly stated that if we are being contacted or asked to help, we will fully cooperate, subject to any international protocol, relating to such matters," he said in a Bloomberg TV Malaysia interview on Tuesday.

He was asked whether 1MDB would provide assistance or clarity to any international authority if approached, after several countries were reportedly probing the state investment fund.

To a question on its financial obligation, Arul Kanda said he expected an interest payment to be made to its bondholders as it entered the five-day grace period.

Facing the risk of a bond default, he contended that 1MDB's current cash surplus stood at about US$550mil (RM212bil) or 11 times the US$50mil (RM192.5mil) due as interest that was payable on April 18.

The company is in dispute with Abu Dhabi's sovereign wealth fund, International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), which earlier agreed to pay interest on the bonds.

Arul Kanda said he expected an "amicable resolution". – Bernama

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  1. And that is why Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign) need to keep harping on the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion-donation issue. They know that if they stop barking then Malaysians will soon forget about these issues and will move on. So they need to repeat, again and again, the stories surrounding the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion issues.

    But the problem with this is, it is like playing ‘A little bit of soap’ and ‘I will follow him’ over and over again. Those two songs may have been nice in their time and I did not tire of hearing it five or six times a day on the jukebox in Kuala Kangsar while I sipped my ais kacang. But that was in 1963, 53 years ago, long before many of you were born. I doubt they can sell a million records if they re-launched those singles today.

    Mahathir and the ANC need some new hits. People are already suffering from information overload lethargy. The 1MDB and RM2.6 billion stories are beginning to sound like yesterday’s hits. You need to play some new hits or else listeners are going to change stations.


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