Thursday, 15 December 2016

Hakikat mengenai Che Det yang pentaksub susah terima

Syed Hussein Al-Attas mencabar Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin agar menyamannya sekiranya apa yang ditulis dalam buku terbaharunya tidak betul. 

Samada berisi buku syair politik Syed Hussein Al Attas dikala alam maya menguasai pemikiran sebelum buku sedia tertulis, terpulang bagi yang mahu membeli, tetapi komen Joceline Tan berikut amat menarik:
 “Mahathir should accept that his past acts may have been forgiven but not forgotten by the Kelantan palace. He is now at the receiving end, the wheel has turned,” said Datuk Alwi Che Ahmad, assemblyman for Kok Lanas in Kelantan.

Bagi pentaksub Mahathir yang sokong tapi tak faham perangai orang tua in ...dari dulu, kini dan selamanya, ia kata Joceline:
The conventional way of looking at Dr Mahathir’s actions is that he is a quarrelsome man with a super ego and who cannot accept it when he does not get his way.

He is more complicated than that and he will continue to confound people who try to define him. But one consistent trait is that he is always changing the rules.

He does not believe in playing by the conventional rules and most of all, he does not like to play by anybody else’s rules but that of his own.

For instance, his problems with the Malay rulers was partly due to him refusing to play along with them.

His predecessors had been blue-bloods and aristocrats, he was the first commoner to become Prime Minister.

It is likely he wanted to show them who was in charge of the country and show them he did. The trouble is that even though he is no longer in charge, he expects Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to play by his rules. But Najib was not having any of that.

Dr Mahathir’s cameo appearance at the DAP national convention last Sunday showed just how far he is prepared to go to bring Najib down.

Some said he wanted to thumb his nose at Umno after the way he was criticised during the Umno general assembly.

The DAP side preferred to explain his attendance as proof that the party is not anti-Malay and Dr Mahathir rose to the occasion by praising DAP as more Malaysian than MCA and Gerakan.

But privately, some DAP politicians are gloating over how the once mighty leader has had to swallow his pride. It was quite a coup for DAP to have the former Umno president come to their national convention and wax lyrical about the party. 
Usahalah PENTAKSUB kerana:
"Where Dr Mahathir is concerned, it is pure politics. People imagine he is senile or suffering from Alzheimer’s. I think he is a smart operator except that he is running out of time and options. He has become desperate, like a car with no GPS, turning here and there,” said political commentator Dr Azmi Omar.

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  1. I have zero respect for a desperate power-hungry old fart who in his final years, parades around the country like a despised Maharaja.

    I now get the "mahafiraun" title bestowed upon this old pariah.
    Dey maddey, you, your family, me and 31million other Malaysians are all JUST HUMAN. The sooner you and your spawns realizes this, the easier it will be for you. You will own nothing when you and your spawns are 6 feet under. Best to learn to let go.


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