Friday, 23 December 2016

Rafizi tdak komen Ampang LRT extension lagi

In July 2012, Rafizi slammed the Ampang LRT line saying it was awarded to a consortium that is unqualified, does not have the experience or expertise to be awarded the Ampang LRT extension project.

He said the consortium won't be able to meet the KPI for the project, is a hazard to public safety and believes the consortium will not be able to deliver the project as it was awarded to a consotrium only because it has relationship with Najib.

“Based on the documents, it is proven that George Kent does not have any experience or expertise that would qualify it to be awarded the (Ampang LRT extension) tender unless it had good relations with Najib,” he said.

“We will make sure people of Ampang, Pandan and Cheras, all those who are affected will get a full briefing about the technical report so that they know the kind of public safety issue that is posed through Najib’s inteference in the project,” he said.

(The next year, Rafizi stood in Pandan and won.)

In Oct 2015, just 3 years after Rafizi made the allegations that the consortium won't be able to deliver the project, the first phase of the Ampang LRT extension project was opened while the second phase opened months later.

Both on time and on budget.

How many times you wanna kantoi, Lapiji?
2012: Rafizi says Ampang Line award poses risk to safety hazard



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