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Alasan 9: Phang Li Khoon banyak bohong dalam SD

Phang Li Koon membuat SD berikut:
PHANG LI KOON (NRIC No.o-07- ) a Malaysian residing in No. _ Georgetown, Pulau Pinang solemnly and sincerely declare the following:

1. I got to know CM’s family since 2008. I became a close friend to his wife, Betty Chew since then because of her friendly and humble character.

2. In 2008, I bought a house at No. 25, Pinhorn Road, Penang for RM 2.5 million and did some renovation with the intention to let my brother live in. However after I heard from CM’s wife that she was looking for a place to rent due to termites problem at her official residence, I decided to offer them my house to stay. A tenancy agreement was entered and signed on 1/7/2009 with 3 years tenure at RM5,000 per month but later the tenure was extended to another 3 years to 30/6/2015.

3. At that time I felt very honoured to rent my house to Penang Chief Minister and his family and also able to help them with their house problem.

4. However, renting the house to them had caused me much distress and stress from the BN and NGOs alleging untrue stories about me. By then I decided to sell the house. There were also more incidents in later years from demonstrations and funeral rites held in front of the house, to even molotov cocktails bomb thrown into the house compound which make the house so exposed and unsafe.

5. There were endless news on the house with its address and pictures splashed all over the newspapers... I felt very uncomfortable that if my relatives or I ever decide to stay there in future, I will not feel safe and secure to stay in such an overly exposed and much publicized house.

6.So by early year of 2012, I had orally let CMs wife, Betty Chew know that if they were ready and willing to buy, I will sell them the house at RM2.8 million. I was told by Betty that they were interested but CM was worried that he could not afford buying the house if he was not reelected as the Chief Minister. So Betty asked whether I would still sell the house to them at the same price of RM2.8 million after the 13" General elections.

However after the 13" general election in 2013, CM’s wife told me that they still need some time to purchase the property and she requested for an option to purchase at later date when they were ready to do so.

In 2014 CM and I then executed an agreement dated 23.6.2014 whereby I agreed to grant him a 5 year option tenure to purchase the said property at RM2.8million in consideration of CM paying me RM100,000-00. Pending exercising of the option, I shall continue to allow CM and family to continue renting the said property.

Sometime before the extension tenancy was up in 30/6/2015, I had made up my mind to dispose off the property for good. I am a businesswoman and I do not wish to tolerate unnecessary stress and have my name splashed all over the newspapers or social media again and again especially when those insensitive people want to attack CM or raise issue on the Taman Manggis land which I am not involved. I decided to sell the property because it attracts so many unnecessary publicities and allegations from time to time.

I had again asked CM’s wife, Betty to request CM to exercise the option to purchase. I did not survey the market when I decided to sell to CM in 2015 because I didn’t think it was necessary. I already have CM as a buyer and there was an understanding pursuant to the Agreement dated 23.6.2014 pertaining to the agreed sale price.

10. After CM’s wife, Betty told me that they have managed to secure a
house loan, we decided to sign the sale agreement at the price we agreed earlier; i.e RM2.8mil.

From my records the sale & purchase agreement was signed on 28.7.2015 and the bank released the full loan sum in October, 2015.

11. CM and his family had been my good tenants for the last 6 years. To me, CM is a respectable leader and I feel very honoured to sell my property to him. I think Penang has done well under his administration.

Most importantly I have sold my property to the person I respect. I have no regret of selling my property to CM at RM2.8million. I have cleared myself of unnecessary headache and stress.

12. I do not understand why my agreement to selling the house to CM has been blown up to such a big national issue when I have no business dealings with the state government.

Neither have I obtained any benefit from the state government by selling the house to him. It is my decision at what price I want to sell to the CM. I stress that I was not pressured or forced or under any undue influence by CM or any party to sell the house to CM at RM2.8 million. I sold at my own free will on a willing buyer and willing seller basis.

13. I also wish to clarify here that I am not a director nor shareholder of KLIDC company which has successfully bid for the Taman Manggis land under an open tender. I am also not involved in the management of the company.

I reserve my right to legal action against any party should they try to make unnecessary connection to complicate the matter and drag me into this controversy.

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declaration Act 1960.


Hairannya kenapa dibaca oleh Phee Boon Poh?

Adakah Phang hanya proksi pada Phee?
Ada ditulis tentang kaitan perniagaannya di SINI

SD Phang Li Khoon dipersoalkan dan dicabar buktikan:
  1. Disclose who paid for the renovation and furnishing of the house and how much was such cost prior to you renting out and selling to YAB Lim Guan Eng - this is to prove that you did not in fact sold at a loss to YAB Lim. 
  2. Disclose if any extensions were made during the renovation period and if such extensions received the relevant council approvals.
  3. Disclose the original tenancy agreement including the stamping date, stamp duty paid receipts and stamp duty numbers.
  4. Disclose the renewal of the tenancy agreement including the stamping date, stamp duty paid receipts and stamp duty numbers.
  5. Disclose her bank account statements to show the rental payments by Lim Guan Eng every month (you can hide other details and the account balance).
  6. Disclose the 23 June 2014 sales option agreement including the stamping date, stamp duty paid receipts and stamp duty numbers.
  7. Show us proof of your bank accounts that RM100,000 was paid by Lim Guan Eng into your account after signing the options agreement
  8. Show us proof of your bank accounts that RM700,000 was paid by Lim Guan Eng into your account in 2015 after selling the house.
  9. Show us proof of the RM2.1 million payment from the bank being deposited into your accounts as balance of the house sales proceeds.
Lim Sian See menjawab dalam postingnya berjodol:
The "Skandal LGE Banglo" Statutory Declaration
Betul ke dia bukan director dalam KLIDC dan Tanah Jalan Manggis dimenangi dengan open tender? Kenapa ada tawaran pada RM22 juta tapi dijual kerajaan negeri pada RM11 juta?

Phang Li Koon konon beri Guan ENg "grace period" 2 tahun.  Kelihatan seperti grace period selama 2 tahun untuk pastikan transaksi kerajaan negeri DAP dan KLIDC di selesaikan.

Tambah lagi:

Satu komen tentang Phang Li Koon:
They also forget to mention that winbond is just one related company - there are 3 - one of which has revenues of RM75m.

All three companies have Phang as minor sharehodlers thile tang has super-majority - which carries the definition that Tang is Phang's boss.

And that the purchase of the land is just one part of the story. The continuous dodgy change in land use from 100% medical to 30% medical/70% commercial after award of tender and then also to extensions of leasehod land are also within tokong powers as exco for land and also 

And also that Section 165 of the penal code of corruption of public officials is very clear.

Civil servant with powers to include certain transactions, inadequate consideration for purchase of assets and then also connected persons.
Tokong should be answering on this:

Pemuda UMNO Penang membuat laporan polis mengatakan Phang Li Koon menipu dalam pengakuan berkanun (SD) baca SINI.

Sungai Puyu assemblyman Phee Boon Poh tuntut Dato Rahman Dahlan supaya bermaruah dan hormat diri kerana mengatakan SD Phang yang dibacanya dalam PC sebagai SD tipu. Baca FMT SINI.

Gabra mereka.


  1. Pejabat winbond di jln yap kwan seng depan pandan rest .... buat spa haram....


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