Monday, 8 May 2017

Rancangan 916 Din Pagoh untuk calun UMNO, PAS lompat ke PPBM

Baru-baru ini, Haji hadi dan Tuan Ibrahim ada mengatakan PPBM parti tidak stabil. Antara sebab iadilakukan adalah untuk menakutkan  pemimpin PAS yang bakal lompat last munite masuk PPBM.

Malah respons Muhyiddin dilihat begitu angkuh sekali. DI amenjadi angkuh kerana disudah yakin dengan rancangan lompat ala 916:
Muhyiddin's strategy is to emulate Anwar 916 and executed in concurrence with Mukhriz.
It is to get their people become UMNO candidates and then jump ship after winning the election on UMNO platform and money.

This was a game Mahathir did to seize Sabah from PBS by getting just elected assemblymen to crossover to BN immediately after the state election.

However, it was a tic-for-tac to punish PBS for pulling out of BN to join Tengku Razaleigh-led opposition at just before an earlier General Election.

If the potential candidate - likely to be from among Muhyiddin and Mukhriz former supporters and digruntled UMNO leaders - are not selected, they will do the typical UMNO habit of protesting.

It is all pre-planned to jump before election. The psywar strategy is to create a shock and panic impact on UMNO to cripple their machinery.

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