Monday, 15 May 2017

Pakatan idea of more employment is 3D jobs

Pribumi wants to create 1 million jobs within 5 years by making dirty, dangerous, and difficult (3D)" jobs attractive.

Syed Saddiq says they will spend RM1 billion (per year) to create such jobs - or an allocation of RM1,000 per year per person for each of the additional 1 million people.

There are several issues with their plan.

Firstly, the total number of unemployed people right now is about 504,100 - and this includes people who are in between jobs or just graduated and in no hurry to take up a job.

Our current unemployment rate is 3.4% - which is essentially full employment. There are already lots of jobs available out there still which people do not want to take up.

So, where would the additional 496,000 locals come from? Or do they expect an additional 100,000 people (graduates and all) to come into the job market every year all taking up 3D jobs?

The second problem with PRIBUMI's plan is that they only want to spend RM1 billion per year for these 1 million jobs - meaning RM1,000 per person per year.

This works out to be only RM83.33 per person per month.

So, PRIBUMI's plan is for Malaysians to become construction workers or garbage men or rubber tapper by paying you RM83.33 extra compared to the migrant workers who are now taking these jobs.

Based on the minimum wage of RM1,000 per month which most migrant workers are on, PRIBUMI expects you to take up those 3D jobs at a salary of RM1,083.33 per month.

Do you want to be a garbage man for RM1,083.33 per month salary?

Get real, PRIBUMI. You only simply talk and make promises that simply does not make sense. 

You're not very smart are you, Syed?

And even if they spend RM10 billion extra per year, the wage would then still be only RM1,833 per month.

Do you want to be a garbage man for RM1,833 per month salary?

Even if they spend RM40 billion per year extra instead - which is of course is unsustainable since this is equivalent to the entire GST collection per year which they also plan to abolish, the wages would be RM4,333 per month for each of the 1 million workers.

How many would want to be a garbage man for RM4,333 per month - even if this is possible?

BN's current transformation plan to upgrade and train workers while creating high-value knowledge based jobs is infinitely better. 

The ETP had created 1.8 million new jobs from 2010 to 2014 and another 1.5 million new jobs by 2020 - with very few not from the 3D sector.

It is better that BN continue to promote mechanization and automation to replace 3D jobs.

With Pakatan, you get to have subsidised dirty, dangerous and difficult jobs instead. 


So it means ..

Vote Pakatan if your dream career is to be a drain-cleaner, grass-cutter, garbage-man or domestic maid.

How stupid can Syed Saddiq and Dyana be????

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