Monday, 3 April 2017

Jawapan "tunnel" Guan Eng macam bakal dikantoi rasuah lagi

Lim Guan Eng just issued a statement today to reply Works Minister DS Fadillah's statement yesterday.

He confirms that the studies are stuck at 87% and cannot proceed as the reclamation master-plan for the butterworth side signed by previous BN govt in 1999 has not been completed.

LGE adds  "To date, Rayston is still carrying out its land reclamation master plan and the state government can only hope that they can complete it over the next 6 months."

He can only hope.

Jilake.. Your dodgy RM305 million studies is 3 years late. People have asked you about this for more than a year.

And... akhirnya, it is salah BN!

You are 9 years in charge already and this plan is not done? What you doing these 9 years?

Can only hope? But YET, you already paid RM135 million and also allowed the tunnel contractor to sell RM2.83 billion of land.

What kind of stupid excuse and incompetence is this?


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