Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Macam Anwar, delay tactic petanda Bryllcrream Lim bersalah

Last week, Guan Eng told the Chinese press that he is innocent of the corruption. He says he has evidence that will prove him innocent but cannot disclose outside court or he will be hit by contempt of court.

He said he is looking forward to the court case to disclose his "evidence" and that will clear his name.

Now, we hear he has again delayed his two corruption cases as he is appealing his challenge to say the corruption laws are unconstitutional - even though it has been used for decades and it was good enough even for people like Khir Toyo who was found guilty for a similar case and went to jail.

Why does Guan Eng keep on delaying his trial with all sorts of challenges when he said he is looking forward to disclose his evidence which he says will prove him guilty? 

Unless there are certain things that certain people does not want to see disclosed in court by the prosecutor for the public to know.

Berani kerana Benar.


This is an admission of guilt and that there are certain things that LGE does not want disclosed in court. "Pondan punya brylcreem!"

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