Monday, 27 February 2017

Arab lebih dengar nasihat Najib dari Madey

Malaysia bawah Najib lagi pandai bersahabat dan bekerjasama dengan negara lain, terutama kuasa besar dan negara berpengaruh.

Lain dari Mahathir yang dok nak ngajar orang lain dan buat macam-macam komen dan mengkritik orang.

Tapi bukan depa ikut. Sendiri pun banyak tak betul. Malah depa menyampah.

Najib lebih tahu berbudi dan bersahabat. Akhirnya nasihat dan khidmat nasihat Msia dipinta:

The Saudi Arabia's National Transformation Plan (NTP) and Vision 2030 was unveiled last year 2016.

Much of the NTP is based on Malaysia, which in 2010 moved to diversify beyond commodity exports and attract more foreign investment. Consultancy McKinsey & Co played a major role in the Malaysian plan and is now at the centre of the Saudi effort.

The NTP echoes Malaysia's programme called the Economic Transformation Plan (ETP) in three ways. It puts a single body in charge of implementation to force better cooperation between ministries. It seeks feedback from the private sector early, even during planning. And it aims to boost the private sector's share of investment, something Saudi planners consider vital as oil revenues sag.

Consultants and ministry officials, many of them young Saudis with Western degrees, work at the Khozama office building in Riyadh, thrashing out policy in as many as 40 groups known as "delivery labs". The plans are heavy on jargon-labelled targets requiring ministries to hit rigid budget and reform goals, according to documents seen by Reuters. (exactly like PEMANDU's delivery labs and KPIs for ministries).

Among the many measures that had since been announced include:

1) Removal of blanket subsidies on oil, electricity and other goods (just like Malaysia's ETP)
2) Move to a direct Cash-transfer program for low-income Saudi citizens (just like Malaysia's BR1M)
3) Emphasis on the local and foreign private sector's role in investments and the economy ((just like Malaysia's ETP)
4) Achieving a balanced budget in the year 2020 (exactly like Malaysia's ETP)
5) Imposing a GST of 5% in 2018 (just like Malaysia did in 2015 with 6%).

One thing that Saudi Arabia do not mirror us is the opposition in Malaysia who constantly protest against our Transformation.

The opposition do not exist in Saudi Arabia as there are no elections and democracy.

Saudi's NTP:


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