Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Mahathir, Syed Saddiq takut saman kerana bersalah?

Since lawyer Hanif Khatri and Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin answer to any arguments questioning the validity and admissibility of the latest DOJ submission is to challenge anyone to sue them, then it is suggested that both the accused and implicated Tun Dr Mahathir and Syed Saddiq should sue RPK.

In his posting, "Syed Saddiq knew the US-DoJ attack was coming", Raja Petra claimed that Mahathir paid US$5 million to Clinton Foundation to get DOJ to submit the 'flimsy' charges to the US California Court last year.

He implicated Tun Daim and Syed Saddiq. It is claimed also Syed Saddiq told his friends that Mahathir spent RM50 million on the whole foreign attack exercise to topple Dato Najib.


Penulis percaya DOJ tidak ada bukti dan ini hanya Loretta Lynch dan penyokong Demokrat cuba campuri politik Msia.

Tambah penulis:

The first DOJ submission is not progressing. Does it mean civil court could have better chance since it is based more on probability than requirement of beyond reasonable doubt proof requirement in criminal charges?

Puzzling too is DOJ's concerned with Malaysian peoples' money. Which Malaysians are the DOJ acting for because 1MDB have not lost any money but still remain profitable within the assumed risk profile of the investment.

Is 1MDB supposed to make exorbitant profit and the exorbitant portion taken out by Jho Loh and his money laundering network?  

1MDB have not been contacted or investigated by any foreign investigators, including the US. Neither did the DOJ made an official request for evidence with local agencies. US is known to be aggressive in requesting evidences.

If what they have are distorted fact claimed to be leakage materials from the first submission, it is not formal evidence without official request on a Government to Government basis for use as evidence in court. Is that another reason they are taking civil action?

Adakah setakat buat polis report Syed Saddiq?

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