Sunday, 17 July 2016

Ambiga dan Maria Chin ngaku saja nak berpolitik

Jika ahli politik tidak konsisten seperti kisah penubuhan parti politik baru, boleh difahami kerana ia benda lazim.

Selalu NGO yang konsisten dengan ideologi dan agenda perjuangan mereka. Ada pula NGO nak berhelah ke atas ketidak konsistenan mereka. Rasanya elok ngaku saja bukan NGO tapi parti politik.

Dipetik berikut dari FB Lim Sian See:

In an effort to distance themselves and explain why they attended the discussions on Mahathir's new party and to pretend that they are politically neutral, Ambiga and BERSiH's Maria Chin gave strange excuses.

They are saying that the Citizen's Declaration (CD) to Save Malaysia (to save from what is still unexplained) is different from Mahathir's new party.

This is despite the goal is the same, the same bunch of people are all involved and it is started by Mahathir too.

Maria Chin Abdullah stressed that only former Umno members in the movement are joining Dr Mahathir’s new party and that BERSIH's efforts are independent from any political influence.

“It’s not part of Save Malaysia and the CD. It’s a separate, new party... what Dr Mahathir presented was a new party.

“I think he was quoted wrongly. People in the new political parties are the ex-Umno, not me or Ambiga,” she told Malay Mail Online, referring to the Citizen’s Declaration.

“Even if the same objectives does not mean one group has control over that. Lots of NGOs too have similar objectives but does not mean they are part of CD or this new party. CD is individual led and not a political party,” she added.

National Human Rights Society (HAKAM) chief Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan echoed Chin’s view that Dr Mahathir’s new party is a wholly separate entity from the Save Malaysia movement.

“Allow me to clarify. The Save Malaysia Movement continues and is separate and distinct from the issue of the proposed new party. The proposed new party is a matter within the sole discretion and control of the individuals involved in setting it up,” she told Malay Mail Online.

“The individuals involved (in new party) would be welcome to continue in the CD movement. The character of the CD movement is unchanged. It is a movement of citizens for change.”


HELLO!! If the new party is different from the Save Malaysia movement then why the heck were both of you there at Mahathir's new party discussion?

You trying to cheat small kids and zombies with your explanation is it?



  1. wtf are u talking about lah ambiga.....
    anything that oppose current government u support.
    keling x guna

  2. Sekor tu,cinabukit. Sekor lagi pariah. Dua2 kaki putar alam bergabung nak menipu orang Melayu.


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